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Natural - Vegan

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WELCARE HOTSPOT SANITISER Fast & Effective Multi Anti-Virus

Fast & Effective Anti-Virus

WELCARE Hand Sanitiser

WELCARE Hand Sanitiser

Welcare by HSP Group Ltd. manufacture and supply the highest quality medical grade hand sanitiser products to hospitals, clinics, businesses, hotels, shops, schools, event companies, festivals, private individuals and to many others.
All of our 80% alcohol based hand sanitisers are compliant with European Standards BS EN1276, BS EN1500 and BS EN14476:2013 as well as using the W.H.O recommended formula.
With short lead times and low costs, you can order directly through our website or by email and receive a speedy and high quality service. If you need further information we are happy to help.

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WELCARE medical grade hand sanitisers are developed using the latest technology to empower businesses, organisations, retail outlets and individuals to keep safe.


Our Advantage and Promise

Welcare products include an 80% Ethanol liquid rub, gel hand sanitiser, Anti-Virus Hotspot Sanitiser and Anti-Virus Car Sanitiser, 100% British made, protecting the UK’s key workers on the frontline and public in the fight against COVID-19.

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W.H.O Recommended Formulations

Medical/Hospital Grade Hand Sanitiser 80% Natural Alcohol

With over 20 years experience across multiple global industries, the founders of HSP Group Limited are a highly qualified team including doctors, engineers and business professionals.

This year we expanded into the production of luxury personal products that are suitable for all skin types through our Welcare brand of products. With the advent of COVID-19 we decided to focus our efforts on high quality, medical grade, vegan hand sanitiser products in both Gel and Rub at 80% alcohol using the W.H.O approved formula in addition to Anti-Virus Hotspot and Car Sanitisers. This ensures that our products are of the highest quality currently on the market.

Welcare London

by HSP Group Ltd.

is licensed through HMRC for the production, distribution and use of denatured alcohol.

Our hand sanitisers (Gel & Rub) are Medical Grade

British Standard European
BS EN 1276 tested and compliant

British Standard European
BS EN 1500 tested and compliant

British Standard European
BS EN 14476 tested and compliant